Wednesday Wisdom | Being You and Insecure as F**k


Do you ever feel like you shouldn’t be where you are? You are ever feel as though you don’t have it all figured out? Do you ever feel like you’re too damn grown to be so insecure? Yea, me too. Drifting into my late twenties and sitting here feeling as though nothing is figured out seems like the melodramatic story of every other Millennial blogger. But I guess that’s what makes us all connected. Not having it together. Finding the courage to be insecure. Being brave enough to step out, find you, and be the best you that could possibly be. I think there’s beauty in that.

So here’s to nothing having it all figured out. Still being insecure and still being you!! Need to feel connected? Check out Issa Rae’s premier series Insecure on HBO. The first episode is out and FREE on her YouTube Channel. Thank me later.


 With Love,


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