Don’t Call It a Comeback


I’ve been through this multiple times ya’ll. MULTIPLE TIMES. Get in a slump of un-creativeness, take a break and come back. It never fails. Let’s just face it, dedicating time to updating, working a full time job, and attempting to maintain a social life is a lot of work. When you put more time into one, dedication is depleted in another area. It’s a never-ending balancing act.


So after battling back a forth with Stylistic Aesthetics, stressing over why nothing felt like it was working, I realized that maybe it was time to start anew. Something fresh with a different perspective. Something that was a representation of Danielle now: A woman in her late 20s, trying to figure her way through life, BUT looking great while doing it. Substance with a little style ya’ feel me?


Here’s to finding the passion to write and the dedication to create. I don’t want this to be a “comeback” into blogging because I feel like I never left. This time around, I’m just telling a different story. Still, a Welcome Back Party would be pretty damn rad.


Outfit Details:

Mockneck top: Forever 21

Metallic Skirt: Jcpenney

Floral Bomber: Trendmall

Sandals: Mix No. 6

Photo credit: @just.addy on Instagram

With Love,


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