Hello, December


Outside of September (Birthday month), December is my favorite month of the year. Besides the colder temps, (which is far and few between in Texas), this time of the year is full of good tidings and great joy. In layman’s terms, good vibes lol. Also, Christmas shopping!! I got a quite a few items to knock off my list but I’m determined to get it done!

Since moving into our apartment, I’ve really gotten into decorating to match the seasons. I am clearly my mother’s child! I have only completed the fireplace and table, but my sister and I are thinking about going all out. Everything from changing the curtains to decorating the bar. All this work and we’re not ever getting a tree. I am current;y obsessed with searching through Pinterest for decor inspo. I want to keep it modern and diy.


This awesomely cute Christmas tree is from silver-blonde.tumblr.com

All in all, I’m looking forward to the holiday season. I can smell coca warming and cookies in the oven.

With Love,



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