The Courage to Love Yourself


OK so can I be candid for a sec?

I’ve been struggling for a long time. One of the biggest blockages holding me back from blogging how I should be is the pressure I put on myself to be perfect. Feeling as though I have to look a certain way, be a “right” weight so that I could generate the kind of traffic I wanted. I’d look in the mirror and physically tear myself apart because of the weight I put on after college. For a long time I thought that if I wasn’t who I was back then, I would never be able to gain the notoriety ever again.

I’ve actually struggled with body image for years. Being overweight and teased as a child, the idea that you aren’t good enough unless you are a certain size can stay with you through adulthood if left unchecked. That and comparing yourself to others.

As I approach my 28th birthday, I wanted to tackle the negative perception I have with my body. I wanted to challenge myself to love myself, really LOVE myself. Every inch, every curve, every bump along on way. If I can┬áreprogram the way that I view my body, then I can finally start navigating the world the way I need to. That’s what this day is for.


Today I am fearless. Today I am unapologetic. Today I am free.

What I’m Wearing:

Jacket- Thrifted

Dress- Trendmall

Bodysuit (worn underneath)- Forever 21

Shoes- Trendmall

“Lil Kiki” Enamel pin- Adorned by Chi


With Love,


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