Transitional What? |Style Post


So fall is literally right around the corner. I see these posts from everyone experiencing fall weather and bringing out their transitional wardrobe essentials. Being a southern girl, summer likes to stick around just a little bit longer. Honestly, do ya’ll see the humidity situation that is my hair?! Yea, summer is good and comfortable right about now. With that being said, it’s always interesting to play around with layers in these “awkward” weather months. Can I pull out my blazers and light jackets now? Well, in the evening yes. However, you can’t possibly wear them during the day seeing as the highs are still in the 90s. Ugh, go figure.


Mesh has been a quintessential item in a summer wardrobe. With it’s breath-ability, I can literally wear full sleeves of it outside and still be cool. Personally I feel like mesh pieces are one of those things where either you go big or go home. I mean, what’s the fun if you’re completely covered underneath (except for work of course).



In the end, I look forward to what the next season has to bring, even if I don’t get to really see if for another month or so. Until then, I’ll be in making due the only way I know how…..literally mixing up all my clothing being Texas weather is ridiculous.

What I’m Wearing:

Mesh Peplum Top- H & M

High-wasted Light Wash Denim Jeans- Levi

Check Plaid Blazer- Zara

Platform Rose Gold Oxfords- Zara


With Love,


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