The Art of the 3rd Piece

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(I’m super OBSESSED with these earrings! Scroll to the end to find out where you can snag a pair)

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There is something about a third layer. Whether a blazer, coat, vest or duster, having the right layering piece can completely elevate your entire look.

The moment I saw this metallic kimono, I knew that any outfit I pair with it would be magic. Don’t let boring fashion rules fool you, shine isn’t just for the holidays. By adding pops of bloody red throughout the outfit, the overall look is a strange marrying of Halloween and the Holidays all into one fierce fashion ensemble.

What I’m Wearing-

Metallic Kimono- TrendMall (local to Houston)

Graphic Tee- Zara

 High-wasted Denim leggings Target

Red Suede Boots- Trend Mall

Duster Fringe Earrings- Tailor Marie

Stay tuned to the next couple posts! I’ll dive into dressing down elevate items as well as looking expensive on a budget.

With Love,



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