Halloween, but Make It “Fashion”



I’ve never been much of a participant in Halloween. Not that I didn’t want to, as a child the pageantry and wonder of the holiday gave me a delightful curiosity. Not to mention the candy.  But growing up in a deeply religious home puts restrictions on these kinds of activities. Even as an adult with the ability to make my own decisions, getting dressed up hasn’t really been a thing.

Oh but this year. BAY-BAY this year I went all out! partnering with the every so amazing Amber (@amberemme), we put together a creepy little Southern Gothic number. Can you say Lemonade-Coven SLAYAGE?!?


What I’m Wearing-

Kimono- H & M

Lace Dress- Trend Mall and H&M

Lace Gloves- Party City

**Amber is wearing a dress completely designed by her!!! Check more of her work our here @amberemme

Be sure you are following my Instagram handle (@daniwithlove ) and  @amberemme  to check out more of these images and a seriously creepy video!!!

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13 thoughts on “Halloween, but Make It “Fashion”

  1. This is dope! The first thing I thought of when I saw the visuals were lemonade. I dont dress up as an adult either but if I did I’d have to slay it like you ladies did.

    Happy Halloween 👻

    1. Thank you so mush!!! The look was super easy as well! Just items we already owned. If you dress up next year, let me know what you come up with <3 <3 <3

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