My Favorite Statement Earrings of the Season

Interestingly enough, I’m not much of an accessories gal. I guess since my clothing choices have evolved to more “WOW” pieces, I tend to gravitate towards more understated jewelry. This season, I really challenged myself to update my earring game, choosing pieces with brilliance and longevity in mind. Here are a few of my favorites, #1 featured here.

Earring Collage 2

1.  Ratingen Midnight Black Fan Earrings- Aldo, $15

2. 70s Babe Dangle Earrings- TailorMarie, $15

3. Faux Pearl Earring W/ Fringe- Zara, $19.90

4. Cascade Fringe Earrings- Zara, $15.90

5.  Matachewan Black Pom Pom Dangle- Aldo, $10

6. Saroop Knotted Dangle Earrings- Aldo, $12

If you’ve been apprehensive about trying any of the season’s over-the-top trends, accessories are the PERFECT way to try out a trend without making the full commitment to a article of clothing. For example, fringe can seem a little daunting for daywear. However, adding a fringe statement earring elevates your outfit to a completely different level of chic!!

Let me know if you’re into this season’s jewelry trends in the comments below!!

With Love,


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