Sequins for the Office

I don’t know what it is about the holidays but it just makes me want to wear shine around the clock. And that’s good and fine for the evening, but what about the daytime? What do you wear when you work a 9-5 office job? That’s where this adorable tee came in.



I picked up this minimal sequin graphic tee from Forever 21 about a year ago and it has been a staple for my fall/holiday wardrobe every since. I love that the sequins are embedded into the actual fabric rather than being sewn onto the fabric. It has the sparkle but won’t distract during the Monday morning meetings. For the look, I decided to paired the tee with my faux leather pleated skirt for Stage. Finishing, I added my favorite fall pairing, an ankle booties  + leather backpack combo. If Texas would get with the program and there was some actual cool weather, I’d probably layer either a leather jacket and a duster coat for extra polish.


What I’m wearing:

Sequinned Graphic Tee- Forever 21 (similar Style)

Pleated Faux Leather Skirt- Stage ( Cyber Monday Deals are happening right now!)

Boots- Trendmall (check out this post for a similar style)

Backpack- Zara (also shown in this post)

Check out these other stylish ways that take your sequins to daytime. ( I really love the idea of pairing a sequin pencil skirt with a sweatshirt + sneakers):

Daytime seqins collage

With Love,


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