Styling the White Boot

Let me be the first to say that wearing white can a little daunting. Not only a garment have to fit you like a glove, but somehow you have to manage it keep that item keep throughout the duration of its wear.


I feel like white shoes in general can be a bit of a conundrum. Pull them off wrong and bam! Instant Church Lady (Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but if we’re being honest)

So, have you had your eye on a certain white boot and can’t quite figure out how to pull it together? Don’t fret, check out these tips below and have at it!!

How to Style the White Boot:

  1. Choose the boot that fits your personal style.– Are you more of a block heel girl or stiletto? Ankle boots or over the knee? As white boots have been a hot trend this season, there are a plethora of styles to choose from. Be sure to find the right one that fits you and can work well into your closet.
  2. K.I.S.S. Or Keep It Simple Sweetie– The key to really making an impact with this item is to keep that outfit simple. Make the shoes that statement. I find that easiest way to do this is to pull together an outfit that is monochromatic. While black is my number one way to do this, colorful looks can work really well paired with this boot. (and all red ensemble or even Pan-tone’s color of the Year, Ultra Violet could produce amazing outcomes)


What I’m Wearing:

Jacket- Trendmall

Sweater- Charlotte Russe

Leggings- Target

Boots- Trendmall


With Love,


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26 thoughts on “Styling the White Boot

    1. I’m so glad you liked it and that you’re able to find my content useful!! Any questions may have in terms of styling, please feel free to hit me up sometime!!

  1. I haven’t had white shoes for a long time. I may have to get some and work them into my wardrobe. It’s true that keeping them clean is imperative. Thanks for sharing! Love your outfit.

  2. I need to grab me a pair of white calf boots. I love how to style these. Looks good with the black & white. I think I want to try denim. Something simple

    1. Definitely go for it one day. It’s one of those unexpected items that is really a “wow” moment for an outfit.

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