A Little Mellow Yellow | Monochromatic Vibes

There is something both powerful striking about an outfit of full color. Further more, there is something even more striking about an outfit in just one color.


Rocking monochromatic outfits are one of the easiest types of outfits to pull off simply because, a lot of us already do it without even trying. You know those “All Black Everything” outfits that you seem to put together so effortlessly? Well that definitely counts as a monochromatic look.

Often times I think what scares people off is the thought that a monochromatic look has to be a bold statement color. This is definitely not the case. In my last outfit post on Styling the White Boot, that mostly black outfit can also be considered as a more toned down monochrome look.

Below are some tips to really try this trend out and make it your own:

 Play with Shades and Hues

Not all of the pieces in your look have to be the same shade of whatever color you choose to wear. If you wear it like it’s meant to go together, chances are it will look intentional.

K.I.S.S.- Keep It Simple Sis

Trust me, it’s a lot easier sticking to solids than prints with this one guys. If you’re looking to add a bit of interest and depth to your look, opt for a texture fabric. Like honestly, how  fabulous would a fuzzy top pair with a clean pair of colored pants? Ugh I live!!

Go With What You Know-

Like I said earlier, you do not have to incorporate color in order for your outfit to be considered monochromatic. If you tend to lean more towards neutrals, then sis, you better rock a look in all navy or blush or whatever you like. Personalize these concepts to really make it about you!


I just want to say that this look would not have been possible with these Pixi crop pants from Old Navy. I’m been eagerly wanted to pull together a monochromatic look for you guys for sometime, but just could not find a great fitting colored pant to my liking. On a whim, I decided to browse through Old Navy and lo a behold! Multiple bright colors that fit** like a dream!

**I will not that these pants run a size smaller than you might be used to. If your a curvy girl like myself, you might want to go a size up to really get the fit you’re looking for.

Shop these Looks below!

Oversized Denim Jacket
Oversized Demn Jacket, HM $19.99
Old Navy Pixie Ankle Pant
Mid-Rise Pixie Ankle Pant, Old Navy $25
CATSEYE Lace Up Trainers
CATSEYE Lace Up Trainers. Top Shop, $15

 Let me know if you’re going to try this trend out. Better yet, tag me in pictures if you do!

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6 thoughts on “A Little Mellow Yellow | Monochromatic Vibes

  1. I freaking LOVE that yellow jacket. OMG. I’ve been really down about my style (or lack thereof) lately and I’ve never even considered monochromatic outfits. I love this style and have subscribed to your website for more inspo. Thanks, girl!

  2. I loooovee the way the color yellow looks on brown skin! And I’m so glad you paired this outfit together because sometimes I feel like I’m too bright in my yellow but it looks so good on you that I’m willing to try it out!

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