10 Zara Pieces for Your Holiday Party

Hey Loves, the holidays are literally at our front door and you know what that means? Holiday parties. So it got me to thinking…. What does the Fashion Girl wear to a holiday party? Where would she shop that is affordable yet stylish? Of course one of my favorite stores, Zara, can to mind. The ten pieces below showcase my favorite trends for the fall/holiday season: fringe, sequins, velvet and embroidery.

Whether it be the office social and a night out with your friends, these 10 pieces are sure to be a holiday hit! Or at least get the inspiration flowing. Check it out below!! Continue reading “10 Zara Pieces for Your Holiday Party”

My Favorite Statement Earrings of the Season

Interestingly enough, I’m not much of an accessories gal. I guess since my clothing choices have evolved to more “WOW” pieces, I tend to gravitate towards more understated jewelry. This season, I really challenged myself to update my earring game, choosing pieces with brilliance and longevity in mind. Here are a few of my favorites, #1 featured here. Continue reading “My Favorite Statement Earrings of the Season”

8 Items That I’ve Been Obsessing Over From Forever 21

I’ve always had a love affair with this chain. On trend items at affordable prices is always a win for me. Check out my favorite New Arrivals from the site, hopefully you’ll find some shopping inspiration for the season.

(Hint: Click on the photos to shop directly)

Forever 21 Lace- Front Sweatshirt ($18)

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