As many may know, my city suffered a major hurricane last weekend that caused devastating losses for thousands of people. It’s crazy because initially, while we were all preparing for the storm, NO ONE thought that it would be as bad as is was. A week later and some of the freeways are still under water, bridges have crumbled, and sinkholes are growing. I honestly don’t think Houston will ever be the same. However, it means we have no place to go but up! Please send your prayers out to the people of Houston, some have lost everything and have not clue on how to recover.

With Love,


Hello, December


Outside of September (Birthday month), December is my favorite month of the year. Besides the colder temps, (which is far and few between in Texas), this time of the year is full of good tidings and great joy. In layman’s terms, good vibes lol. Also, Christmas shopping!! I got a quite a few items to knock off my list but I’m determined to get it done!

Since moving into our apartment, I’ve really gotten into decorating to match the seasons. I am clearly my mother’s child! I have only completed the fireplace and table, but my sister and I are thinking about going all out. Everything from changing the curtains to decorating the bar. All this work and we’re not ever getting a tree. I am current;y obsessed with searching through Pinterest for decor inspo. I want to keep it modern and diy.


This awesomely cute Christmas tree is from silver-blonde.tumblr.com

All in all, I’m looking forward to the holiday season. I can smell coca warming and cookies in the oven.

With Love,



Motivation Monday || The First one in Line


If I had a dollar for every time I asked myself “what if?,” I could probably quit my job right now. Sadly, there is no such financial opportunity. But you know what there is? A chance to see what that buzz is about.

This week, I challenge you to write down your “what if” list, a list of things you’ve always wanted to do but have never had the courage. Yes, I know this is technically a bucket but whatever, ya’ll are going to let me have my moment ok? This week and many weeks to come, I challenge to to cross off one thing off of this list.

What’s my what if you ask? You’ll just have to wait have see 😉

With Love,


Wednesday Wisdom | Being You and Insecure as F**k


Do you ever feel like you shouldn’t be where you are? You are ever feel as though you don’t have it all figured out? Do you ever feel like you’re too damn grown to be so insecure? Yea, me too. Drifting into my late twenties and sitting here feeling as though nothing is figured out seems like the melodramatic story of every other Millennial blogger. But I guess that’s what makes us all connected. Not having it together. Finding the courage to be insecure. Being brave enough to step out, find you, and be the best you that could possibly be. I think there’s beauty in that.

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